Lemi Vice shares brand new tech house gem ‘Confusing’ via iamrecords

Returning to black a.m.’s coveted record label iamrecords, experienced DJ and producer Lemi Vice has just shared his latest original “Confusing”, bringing a minimal yet intoxicating sound to the table. Groovy basslines and eerie ambiances drive the single, while the hypnotic vocal lines add a lot to the vibe, which is tailor-made for late-night rave sessions.

Lemi Vice’s last two releases came in the form of 2019’s “Prowl,” which was released on Rad Summer and “Get Lost,” on OKNF Records. “Confusing,” which is “an anxiety-fueled anthem to help you cope with the stress of the world,” as the producer explains in a press statement, marks the first of many exciting releases he has planned for the immediate future. With over 10 years of DJing and music production experience under his belt, Lemi Vice is definitely set to cement his name within the dance music world sooner rather than later.