leo. releases new single ‘don’t mind me’

19-year-old Portuguese singer-songwriter leo. is known for penning feel-good poignant pop anthems that feel purpose built for cinema. Showcases strong narratives of love and its inevitable entanglements, leo. has an ear and an ear for a brilliant story wrapped up in glorious musicianship.

Discussing the new single, leo. shares: 

“With my songwriting, over the past couple of years, I’ve explored the concept of being able to take a sip of someone’s soul, and how relationships are all about allowing yourself to let someone take a sip of yours. Sometimes, though, and mostly due to things out of our control, it’s difficult to fully open up, and to the other person who is ready to take it all in, it can get quite frustrating. I was that other person. And it was getting quite frustrating. The lyrics of ‘don’t mind me’ were my hopeful and direct way of saying “I’m there for you, and I’ll be there until you feel ready to share stuff, but just know it’s safe.”. I still wanted it to sound quite playful, to balance it out, with the jazzy piano, tons of vocal harmonies, and blunt lyrics. I made sure to convey a little bit of that curiosity and frustration while keeping the main message front and center.”

leo.’s classical training comes to the fore in every inch of his writing, and it’s easy to see how his catalog has picked up notable traction via TikTok. In our eyes, leo. is a pop hopeful that is destined to only have a meteoric rise.