Lexxicon releases ‘Tropicon Islands’ album with new music video for ‘Bubble Everywhere’

Toronto’s rising Dancehall/Afro-fusion star Lexxicon has released his new album Tropicon Islands to end the year with a bang. Named after a fictional Caribbean island, Tropicon Islands tells the story of two lovers through bouncing melodies and dreamy harmonies. Bringing feel-good vibes and energetic dance jams, Lexxicon is getting the New Year parties started early.

Discussing his new single ‘Bubble Everywhere’, Lexxicon says: ​​After expressing their strong connection, the couple goes to explore the island and have some fun, partying with locals and each other. The song is the carefree party anthem to get you dancing, vibing and having a good time. It’s the perfect track to get any celebration started.”

Revealing a brand new music video for ‘Bubble Everywhere’ which sees slick choreography and tropical scenery, Lexicon has also released the self-authored fiction novel by the same name as the album.  With boundless creativity, this vibrant artist is set for big things.

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