LEXXICON will get you moving with ‘Power Over Me’

Canadian-based rising artist Lexxicon has shared the sizzling new visuals for single ‘Power Over Me’. Bursting with energy, both the single and its accompanying music video are fun, playful and will most certainly lift your spirits. Released as a taster for Lexxicon’s forthcoming album, ‘Tropicon Islands’, the track sets the tone and makes us all the more excited to hear what he has up his sleeve. 

Digging deeper into the track, ‘Power Over Me’ follows the story of a newly-in-love couple that have just landed on Tropicon Island, an imaginary Caribbean setting and the centre-stage of Lexxicon’s eponymously named, 11-track project. Lexxicon explains, “After travelling to the island, the couple has time to reflect on how they feel about each other.  The song touches on the blinding love that you feel when you’ve found the ‘one’. It’s like nothing else matters because they are all you see, want, and care about.  Almost as if, they have this divine control over you. This is a song for those in love or those in the honeymoon stages of their new relationship.”

Check it out here: