Lili Caseley Releases New Single ‘Al Pacino’

Lili Caseley has grown in confidence even since her last release, it would seem. ‘Hotel Du Palais’ was another stepping stone in the artists journey which included a notable feature with Nick Vyner.

Now she’s back with a solo release which is unusually named after American ‘Scarface’ actor Al Pacino. While the title might make you curious, it doesn’t take long to discover why it is called as such as she begins to mention more famous characters in the chorus of the song. A contemporary beat and groove make the song an enjoyable listen.

On the witty track and accompanying video, Lili explains:

“[In the music video we] are using a projector and referencing all the famous music video references: Scarface, Tarantino, James Bond, Pablo Escobar, Michelangelo…We want the story to be the viewpoint of the femme fatale. Her lens of the tale. So Elvira’s side of the story from Scarface. By using the projector we are able to travel to many different places…”

The video is available to watch below, or you can check her on on Spotify!