Listen to Charlotte Rosse’s heartbreaking cover of George Michael

“Dear Charlotte, I am in awe of your voice, it is so powerful” – Dame Shirley Bassey

Charlotte Rosse, the singer-songwriter with a voice backed by none other than Dame Shirley Bassey, has released an exquisitely powerful rendition of George Michael’s ballad ‘One More Try’, the release completes a series of acoustically arranged tracks from the London and Monaco based artist.

Charlotte said: “The third song from my acoustic EP is a tribute to the often-overlooked George Michael. I wanted to refer with my latest release to the sound of the early ’90s and he was one of the biggest icons of that time.  I have never before released such a vulnerable song, I think people already know the dramatic side of me and this time I wanted to share a different more gentle side. Still, I performed the song in a soulful, classically influenced way backed by the piano and a string quartet.”

Through a chance encounter on a beach in Monaco, Charlotte Rosse recently met one of her all-time heroes, Dame Shirley Bassey. After explaining how she was a singer, and that she had covered the iconic ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Dame Shirley asked to hear some of Charlotte’s music. A few days later Charlotte received her most treasured piece of feedback to date. In a letter addressed to her, Dame Shirley Bassey wrote “Dear Charlotte, I’ve just listened to your CD, and I am in awe of your voice, it is so powerful. Your diction is great and so are your arrangements. Your version of ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is the very best I have heard. Wishing you every success. Yours truly, Dame Shirley Bassey”

Charlotte is currently working on new original material.