lleo drops ‘Feel Good’ in collaboration with Pesolife

‘Feel Good’ is the latest offering from London based pop songstress lleo. The release is a throwback to happier times, with lleo’s vocal sitting playfully amoungst grooving hats and glowing synths whilst switching between care-free melodies and falsetto licks.


Discussing the release lleo explains:

“My emotions are pretty extreme, and I’ve written a lot about what it feels like to be low, but I really want to talk about the amazing bits too – because life is pretty sweet. I want to encapsulate that moment of feeling unstoppable, and like nothing can bring you down. Feel Good is built on a foundation of good energy. It’s about that moment where everything aligns, life is great, and you’re grateful to be alive and well. I’m so proud of this song.”

With it’s aventurous production, ‘Feel Good’ ascends into a gradual tempo change incorporating elements of trap and nostalgic RnB. ‘Feel Good’ is a unique musical expression that is ready made for playlists.