London’s Evan De Roeper drops delightful love-filled 4-track EP, Lavender

Evan De Roeper is a London, UK-based indie dance-pop solo artist and music producer who started playing the piano when he was just 6 years old.

‘’My 4-track EP, Lavender, documents the cycle of a relationship, told through the stages of a day. Call My Name is the ‘morning’ song, where you are waking up happy and generally optimistic about a future relationship. You are eager to find new love from someone who will call your name. Musically, it carries the euphoria of a Calvin Harris-Esque dance track.” ~ Evan De Roeper

On a loving soundtrack which is for all the young lovers out there who are still figuring it all out, Evan De Roeper shows us the truth when so many others try and fake it. Evan’s elegantly charming vocals will startle your intrigued ears and take your breath away at times, with definite highlights Call My Name and Midnight Drive, taking our hearts for a long drive to full contemplation.

Lavender from London, UK-based indie dance-pop solo artist/videographer/music producer Evan De Roeper is a tinted rose-packed love letter that will have you listening rather closely. With a deep embrace, lovely lyrics, and a dynamic ambience, this is an EP to turn on loud to get the full picture of how romance actually works. 

Sung with pure passion to help us all understand deeper, this is a release which might get you thinking further about how your heart reacts to different moments in love.

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Reviewed by Lu