London’s Sam Winston releases ‘Til I Make Peace With War’

London folk-pop artist Sam Winston reveals his brand new single ‘Til I Make Peace With War’. This is the follow-up to popular comeback track ‘Damaged Goods’, released late 2020, and which has amassed over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Fans of Sam’s heartfelt melodies and acoustic style will resonate with his new material. Til I Make Peace With War demonstrates the artist’s versatile vocal range, a voice “both delicate and disarming” according to BBC Radio Kent.

Like his previous track, this new single evolved from a state of personal turmoil for Sam. The lyrics are heavily introspective. The “War” in the song is an allegory of his battle with a chronic health issue and the ensuing anxiety. Sam describes how “at times, I couldn’t sing without great physical pain due to a throat condition. I felt like my core as an individual was being slowly eroded.” However, this loss of voice and identity are accompanied by a willing resolve in Sam to fight the problem, through action in the physical, and through acquiescence to a higher power. In his words, the “Peace” he finds comes from “spiritual surrender.”

‘Til I Make Peace With War’ showcases Sam’s evocative use of an aged, vintage piano as the primary instrument. Of it, the artist says: “I chose this particular raw tone to reflect the gravity of the situation. Its fragile timbre seemed a perfect match for the bittersweet lyrics.” As the song progresses, multi-instrumentalist Sam adds subtle but affirming touches of percussion. He builds a final crescendo with layers of vocal harmony, reminiscent of his debut album The Fire & The Icicle.

For anyone new to Sam, he has a diverse history of working in the musical field both as an independent artist and inspiring others to find their own creative paths. He has taught music to disabled adults around his borough for a number of years and also runs music sessions in primary schools. Sam’s performing career so far has seen him support the likes of Boy George in Amsterdam, open for Henry Priestman of The Christians, sell out the prestigious Mick Jagger Centre plus receive high praise from industry stalwart Chris Difford, who dubbed his lyrics “deep and perfect.”

Sam self-produces from his own London studio, ‘Til I Make Peace With War’ being its latest musical offering. The new single is available to stream and download now.

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