Loren Gray releases new single and music video ‘Piece Of Work’

Loren Gray has kickstarted her career as an independent artist with the release of her single and music video ‘Piece Of Work’. Offering glossy, infectious pop with sugar-sweet melodies, Loren’s new single promotes an empowering message about being true to yourself and only accepting the love you deserve. The smoking music video is an ode to classic 2000s pop as Loren brings a refreshing take on nostalgic styles.

You might already be familiar with social media sensation Loren Gray, who went viral as a young teen and has amassed over 90 million followers online, 100+ million streams and more than 2.8 billion likes on TikTok. With such impressive figures under her belt, Loren now takes a step in a new direction, with ‘Piece Of Work’ marking her first independent release and leaving fans hungry for more.