Luca Draccar unleashes sinister 3-track EP ‘419’

Bursting into the scene back in 2018, Luca Draccar has now established himself as one of the most exciting names to watch within dark electronic music. Hailing from Italy and based in Berlin, Luca Draccar boasts an overly unique sound, that is influenced from various different styles, and has been dubbed as: “a psychedelic cocktail of deep flavours…[with] rubbery futuristic/sticky tendencies.”

Now, following his 5-track EP Soul Grabber, that was released earlier this year, Luca Draccar has returned with yet another mesmerizing piece of work, this time sharing ‘419,’ a stunning EP spanning over 3 tracks, or 17 minutes in length. The artist’s inspiration behind the EP came from the concept of 419 being an anagram for the phrase: “for one night,” while over the three tracks he puts together expertly designed electronic sounds, complex arrangements, and a cohesive atmosphere, making up for an intricate and impressive sonic journey.