Luchi releases the lamenting single ‘Fix This Love’

Born in Glasgow to his Italian family, Luchi has been honing an incredible songwriting talent since the age of thirteen. With unparalleled resilience, the artist has worked hard to get to where he is today, with his efforts rewarded by making it to the regional heats of the UK Unsigned Songwriter of the Year 2016 and the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest. In 2017 Luchi debuted with ‘Don’t Look Back’, which quickly climbed its way to No.9 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts. His third single ‘Coming Home’ made it to No.2 and since then, twelve of Luchi’s singles have cracked the top 10.

The artist’s latest release is ‘Fix This Love’, following up on the heavily emotional single ‘Mountain’. ‘Fix This Love’ follows suit with another showcase of beautifully poignant songwriting. Flowing piano chords, gorgeous string melodies and a rhythmic acoustic guitar provide the backdrop for lamenting vocals. Luchi’s voice soars despite the sorrowful themes, injecting warmth into his lyricism.

Luchi explains, “’Fix This Love’ is the sister song to my last single ‘Mountain’ and shows the other side of the pain and destruction caused by addiction; whereas ‘Mountain’ shows the struggle of the addict trying to find the strength to get help, ‘Fix This Love’ tells the story of the people around the addict who have their lives thrown into turmoil too. I really wanted to release these back to back as I felt it was important to represent both sides of the journey and as someone who has had someone extremely close to them fight addiction, I know all too well the pain of being on the other side. Out of respect for the person’s privacy, I am keeping their identity anonymous as that’s not my story to tell but they gave me their blessing to tell the story from my perspective in the hope that it can help others so that is why I have been vague in my description of them through both single releases.

It was probably one of the hardest times of my life, I wasn’t sleeping, eating, couldn’t work to my full potential, waiting by the phone for news, my whole life became consumed with trying to help this person and I wrote this song to get out the anger and hurt I was feeling at the time. While I am fully aware that addiction is a debilitating illness, watching someone you love destroy their life is utterly heartbreaking and you feel a whole wide range of emotions, from anger, to hurt, to frustration. While I tried to remain calm and positive when interacting with this person, I wrote this song to get out the other emotions I was feeling. I never intended to release this song if I’m honest as it’s really upsetting for me to sing and takes me back to that devastatingly sad time but I feel that it is important to tell the whole story of how addiction steals more than just the addict’s life.

There are some fantastic organisations out there to support people through having a loved one with addiction problems like AL-ANON and other support groups. I would actively encourage anyone in that position to reach out to get help for themselves on how to navigate this often excruciatingly difficult road. While some addiction stories have a recovery at the end of it, sadly this isn’t always the case. I remember going to a friend’s and family meeting, in my hometown of Glasgow, with this person and they said that only 1 in 10 people recover and this utterly shocked me. I’m sure the stats are different in every country but I think it’s about time that we have help more readily available for all people battling addiction and it’s something I am passionate about helping change.”

‘Fix This Love’ is out now, give it a listen here: