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Lucie & The Robot drop dazzling new track ‘Beyond Now’

With a fresh synth-pop artistry that combines a blend of experimental production with captivating songwriting, Berlin-based artist Lucie & The Robot drops her new single “Beyond Now”. Creating music to tell stories that take place beneath the surface, Lucie & The Robot was founded by artist Lucie Vox, who brought onboard drummer Paul Richter and pianist Hannes Marget to help bring her illustrious soundscapes to life.

A follow on from their earlier single “Birdseyeview”, “Beyond Now” draws on more up-tempo staccato synth rhythms to draw listeners into the glimmering scoundscape. Detailing an unhealthy relationship, “Beyond Now” describes the gaps between past, present and future – reforming and reestablishing a sense of self.

Mixing a unique blend of darkwave and 80s synth pop, a captivating stand out across the sonic landscape are Lucie’s crystal clear vocals that delicately sparkle across the vibrant instrumental. Incorporating an eclectic mix of sonic layers, the melody weaves together lo-fi basslines with rich electronic rhythms to create an idiosyncratic sound that is hard to define and pin down.

When discussing the track, Lucie explains “We feel like we are in a vacuum that prevents us from moving on from the past to be fully present in the now or that we have fled the now for a future we can’t reach. Either way, there is something we left behind. It is not there anymore but we still look back at it and see it lying there, just out of reach. We can still hear it laughing and sometimes scream in the distance. It’s not a piercing sound, it is just a faint echo. We remain passive, because we don’t want to approach it anymore. But we also can’t turn around and walk away.”

With their dynamic and varied artistry, Lucie & The Robot are certainly on the rise and have marked themselves out as one of 2020s artists to watch.

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