Luquado drops impressive debut single ‘Love’

A producer with a massive power in storytelling and more than two decades of music experience, Luquado has just launched his brand new project with his debut single “Love.” Inspired by a long-distance relationship with his now-wife, “Love” is a stunning combination of electronic and indie sounds, inflicting truly nostalgic and captivating feelings with its ambient synth lines and high-energy drum work.

“This is a really personal song. I wanted to evoke the introspection that comes from late-night drives when your mind quiets down and your thoughts can surprise you,” says the artist.

Based in New York, Luquado has been involved in music from a very early age, teaching himself how to play the piano, and later on transitioning into producing music. Boasting a true DIY ethos, he produces and records his music, as well as personally takes care of his websites, videos, photos, and artwork. He has wide experience in producing funk, rock, pop, hip-hop and acapella, having built up the skills to display a wide range of styles under his new Luquado project, gearing up to release a lot more singles throughout the rest of the year.