Lydia Shae unveils warming debut EP ‘Decade Diaries’

Cincinnati-based singer-songwriter Lydia Shae takes a straightforward approach to songwriting, speaking to life through her roots in bluegrass and pop. Performing across the Midwest with a band comprised of Josh Belcher on guitar, Zach Sabatelli on drums, and Andrew Baughman on bass, Lydia showcases a rich folk-pop sound.

Lydia’s unique approach is epitomised in her latest release, debut album ‘Decade Diaries’. Thirteen tracks take listeners on a journey of her influences, creating sounds that would feel at home in a local venue or amongst the pop charts. Soaring instrumentation provides expansive backdrops that enforce gorgeous themes, the lead vocals giving full room to glide through emotional tales with angelic prowess. Despite her recent start to releasing music, it’s clear Lydia has a bright future ahead of her, able to adapt her performances to match the moment with an effortless elegance, such as in ‘Young Days’ and ‘Something I Knew’, and passionate grit, featured in ‘No Good For You’ or ‘A Cold Reception’.

Lydia shares, “Decade Diaries is an album that compresses a coming-of-age era of autobiographical writing. From finding love, experiencing loss, and discovering yourself, it’s all in there.”

‘Decade Diaries’ is available now, take a listen here: