Mac Backwardz Takes Us On A Trip With New Single ‘Editor, Director’ [Prod. Harlem Ralph]

Coventry MC Mac Backwardz has collaborated with Oxfordshire production duo Harlem Ralph on the heady new single ‘Editor, Director’, taken from his genre-bending debut album ‘I’ll Bell You Tomorrow’

The album follows Mac’s journey to becoming sober and tackling numerous mental health issues along the way. When listened to in order, the album covers all stages of a drug trip with ‘Editor, Director’ depicting the euphoric crescendo of the trip. The elation before crashing back down. 

It’s a deeply personal single that intersperses voice notes from his family as well as a message from his doctor who put him on a dangerous cocktail of drugs that had an adverse effect on his health.

“This [song] references a real point in my life 2 years ago when the doctor put me on numerous mental health drugs that shouldn’t have been mixed together and led to a breakdown in my psyche.” He explains, “I like to think of this whole track as also representing the breakdown I suffered from, as it’s very chaotic and doesn’t hold the structure of a normal song.”