Madanes shares the whimsical single ‘In love with Laura Ingraham [what’s wrong with me]’

Blending his influences of Elton John, Ian Dury and Frank Zappa, Madanes introduction to music began at age twelve, building up a vast record collection. This comprehensive knowledge steadily morphed into a nineteen-year DJ career, three years of which were spent as a military DJ. The Israel-born artist’s songwriting ability has made a steady emergence in this time, beginning with albums in Hebrew, and now expressing his observations through infectious rock music in English.

Madanes’ latest release has now arrived as the cheerful new single ‘In love with Laura Ingraham’, a whimsical take on the unknown entity of love, uncontrollable, despite your best interests. Whistled melodies, bright guitar licks, and sleek acoustic rhythms all come together for a roaring performance, bouncing between head and heart as he grapples with this new found unorthodox love. As the track reaches its climax, a soaring vocal chorus is pitted against rich overdriven guitar melodies, giving the track an absolutely anthemic finish.

Madanes shares a comment, ”Love has no rules and logic… that is the tragic magic. We can’t decide with whom to fall in love. Love allows us to erase prejudices and see the person and not just his opinions.”

‘In love with Laura Ingraham [what’s wrong with me]’ is out now…