Maria Deirisarri Shows Off Dynamic Songwriting Skills in Mysterious New Single ‘Knock Knock Knock’

Mystery unravels and tensions rise in this storytelling single. “As far as I’m concerned, my story’s absurd.” -Maria Deirisarri

Latina pop artist Maria Deirisarri is releasing a dynamic new single, ‘Knock Knock Knock,’ on 15 April. A natural songwriter, Deirisarri took to paper when procrastinating homework that seemed insignificant compared to the outside world of sickness, fear, and our drastically changing society. But listeners should expect more than a typical pop song. “The song is a mystery story that takes place over 5 hours and 55 minutes,” says Deirisarri. “There are three main characters in the story, one male and two females trying to answer their own questions.”

Captured in darkness, the tension behind ‘Knock Knock Knock’ rises as questions go unanswered and fears grow. It concludes by looping straight back to the beginning, creating a never-ending cycle of uncertainty. However, this single never once sacrifices quality, with Deirisarri’s vocals guiding listeners through the tale. Textured production and mesmerizing harmonies create a space for reflections on society’s new normal. “This track shows off a dark side of the artist’s imagination… There’s something cinematic about it. Maria’s vision for it was very clear from the beginning.” – Lazuli Vane (Patrick Taylor)