Marla Mase slinks into Summer with French pop tinted new video and single, ‘8:30’

Marla Mase warps time and space on her new single, ‘8:30’, as she distills her trademark blend of humour and witty sarcasm into dark and sparkly French pop.

At first glance the song almost has a subtle ‘I’m so over this goddamn pandemic’ aura, but it’s actually a much more upbeat love song to the park itself. “It’s really a song dedicated to the summer of 2020,” she notes.


“The park was my happy place. I would go as often as I could, almost every night. I would sit by myself, take my mask off, and the anxiety would go away. It’s really about how to deal with yourself when you’re stuck at home every day and forced to not have real human interaction. I would stay in the park until 12 or 1 o clock at night because everyone was in the park, not together, of course, but it was safe, beautiful and fun. Last year a lot of people began saying ‘New York is dead,’ but I can tell you Brooklyn definitely was not. Brooklyn doesn’t die.”

With it’s post-pandemic, pre-apocalyptic grooves that skew just slightly to the left of offbeat and to the right of fun, ‘8:30’ sets an appetite-whetting template for Mase’s upcoming album, The Fine Art Of Pissing In The Bushes.