MarMar Unveils Mesmerizing New Single ‘Heart’

American/French producer Mario Pedron, known by his stage name MarMar, continues to captivate audiences with his latest release, ‘Heart’. This enchanting single, released via Seeking Blue Records, offers listeners a glimpse into the emotive journey of lost love and the bittersweet joy of reconnection.

In recent weeks, MarMar has treated fans to two exceptional singles, ‘Call On You‘ and ‘Try (feat. LUUNG)‘, setting the stage for the forthcoming EP, “Feel Okay,” scheduled to drop in May. However, before the full EP release, MarMar gifts us with ‘Heart’, a track that embodies raw emotion and evocative storytelling.

Initially conceived as a piano-centric composition, ‘Heart’ delves into poignant themes of longing and reconciliation. Collaborating with vocalist John Caviness, also known as Easy Morning, MarMar create a narrative of encountering someone from the past and finally mustering the courage to express pent-up emotions.

Reflecting on the creative process behind ‘Heart’, MarMar shares, “I wrote the instrumental for ‘Heart’ as a much more piano-centered track. It was a pretty emotional concept, and I was really leaning into the expression of the chords and melody. When I asked John (aka Easy Morning) to work on vocals with me, we created a story of lost love, and being so happy to see someone again that you never fully got to be honest with.”

The result is a perfect blend of soul-stirring melodies, poignant lyrics, and atmospheric production. ‘Heart’ invites listeners to immerse themselves in a musical journey of vulnerability and catharsis, resonating with anyone who has experienced the complexities of past relationships and the longing for closure.

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