Marxoxo unleashes her addictive hyper pop sound in ‘Euphoria’ with fairytale music video

Marxoxo is the modern day example of brat pop. Her hooky and addictive dance style infused with fun-filled yet vulnerable lyricism that brings her audiences in even closer. The Filipina trans artist possesses the attitude of Charlie XCX in a no holds barred approach to her music and if you don’t like it, then that doesn’t matter to her whatsoever. Continuing to make waves,

Marxoxo has arrived with a new EP filled to the brim with more of her hyper pop offering in ‘ID:Me’ with scinitalitng lead single ‘Euphoria’ which seems to sum up Marxoxo perfectly for her new listeners. The LGTBQA+ artist comes into her own in this electronic dance pop anthem that is stacked with so many synths and melodies to sing along to. Inspired by garage classics like ‘Flowers’, Marxoxo wanted to use this and then but her own stamp on it, and she certainly has done. The video also welcomes you into her fantasy world she has so effortlessly created, which you can watch below. Look out for Marxoxo, before she passes you by.

Marxoxo says “For the video, I created a literal fantasy world with myself as Sleeping Beauty complete with dress changes and a fairy godmother! It’s a royal metaphor for self actualizing and manifesting your dreams. It features Pastel Kei as the fairy god, Moistbreezy as the sleeping bestie, styling by Louis Quantrille, editing by Mar Cantos, and shot by Nat Souza.”