Matthew Thomas shares warm and emotive Americana single ‘The Waiting Room’

Americana artist Matthew Thomas will surely warm your hearts with his blissful and melancholic approach to music, with this new single ‘The Waiting Room’, out today.

Gentle and endearing acoustic guitars fill the air in a song that pours out meaning and bittersweet takeaways. His story is one of transformation, where the simple act of picking up a guitar reshaped the trajectory of his life, leading him on a deeply personal exploration of self and sound.

Matthew’s own words provide insight into the song’s depth and significance. “‘The Waiting Room’ was born from the heartache of experiencing miscarriages with his wife. I’m a sucker for the silver linings but this song is a reminder to me that sometimes the best thing we can do is embrace the struggle and just love crap out of each other. I don’t think I’ve believed in the message of a song I’ve written more than this one.”

It’s a song that’s both hopeful and mournful, a reminder that life’s struggles can be met with unwavering love and support. It speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of connection, and that perfect soft-folk listening song for your ears today.

Stream ‘The Waiting Room’ now: