Max Green & Kislaw release grooving new single “Moving Slow”

Max Green & Kislaw have partnered up on an irresistible new single entitled “Moving Slow.” Echo Park based songwriter Max Green has a knack of fusing ethereal production with irresistible melodies. His lyricism is full of emotion, touching on topics such as existentialism, self-identity, romance, and heartbreak. Kislaw is a young French producer born to a family of African descent. His unique sound merges together Hip-Hop, House, RnB, pop and EDM. 

“Moving Slow” is sure to get you up and dancing. The track is an infectious offering that features a colourful melting pot of grooving drum beats, understated guitar lines and warm synths. Vocals land softly, and come drenched in neo-soul sensibilities. 

Max Green says: “‘Moving Slow’ was written at a peculiarly fun time in my life. Kislaw had heard some of my music and reached out to me with this absolute bop of a track. I ended up writing a really fun song with it and we ended up linking in summer 2022 when Kislaw was visiting LA. The song is about the process of falling in love and of needing something in the throes of trying to maintain control of your life and sanity.” 

Kislaw says: “In the track, during the second part of the drop, you can  hear a random vocal in the background! It was actually an error during the recording when Max Green was speaking, but in the end we decided to keep it because it actually sounds really nice!”

Max Green & Kislaw have been supported by the likes of Pretty Little Things, Grimy Goods, Riptide Mag, KODD, Iggy Mag, Stereofox, The Music Essentials, Groove Cartel, StGA and Our Culture Mag. With accolades such as this, we cannot wait to see where they’ll take this.