Megan Nash announces their new studio album ‘Soft Focus Features’

Following on from the enormous praise she received for their 2017 LP ‘Seeker’, fast-rising singer and songwriter Megan Nash has now returned to announce the details of their next studio effort ‘Soft Focus Features’.

Featuring the previously shared offerings ‘Artifact’ and ‘Quiet’, ‘Soft Focus Features’ sees the artist in renewed spirits as she looks to explore a more vibrant and euphoric direction this time around.

Showcased by the new lead track ‘Chew Quietly / Clean Slate’, she takes the smooth and enticing resonance of their voice and layers it against a broad and spellbinding production. Taking us on an adventurous journey through sweeping indie-rock and dream-pop tropes, it feels like she is really beginning to find their stride and create some truly memorable works.

Megan Nash’s new album ‘Soft Focus Features’ will be released on the 3rd November via acronym Records, and you can listen to the new single ‘Chew Quietly / Clean Slate’ below.