MEI confronts the challenges of the past year in new EP ‘The Hard Way Around the Sun’

London based artist MEI reveals her EP ‘The Hard Way Around the Sun’ after the tough eighteen months. After recovering from Covid-19, coming to terms with the breakdown of a relationship and also battling through racial injustices, MEI might have just had one of the rockiest years out of us all. Following the release of “See Us” and The Independent-approved “Happy Man“, both of which received high praise from a variety of publications, The Hard Way Around The Sun delivers us three more stellar tracks that showcase MEI’s inherent talents.

On “Death To The Old Self”, MEI’s distinct blend of R&B and rap is fused together to create a track that embraces rebirth, while “Write To You” provides a slow-burning melody that soothes listeners from the offset.Yet the final single “Let Dusk Welcome Me” offers a moment of reflection by weaving fluidity with tones of peaceful thinking. With the addition of a woozy horn arrangement by Cassie Kinoshi, the track eases into an amalgamation of jazz to create a track that draws on an array of inspirations. 

Telling us more about the single’s prominence, MEI says: “Let Dusk Welcome Me is full of metaphors describing my experience surviving COVID 19 and specifically the first time I left home for a walk after believing that I might not survive. It was dusk, my favourite time of day and there was this incredible orange and pink light, the air was so fresh and raw in my lungs and it was a moment I’ll never forget.”