Merging Music and Purpose: The Powerful Impact of Emily Magner Hurley’s Stuttering Awareness Movement

Revolutionary artist and activist, Emily Magner Hurley, is unleashing a powerful array of lyric videos to accompany her passionate new folk album, “Orainn”.   

Shattering the status quo with her captivating sound and bold messaging, Magner Hurley is using her art to raise awareness for stuttering and mental health, creating an unforgettable impact on audiences far and wide. In a bold move, Magner Hurley is making a statement with her dynamic lyrics and mesmerising visuals.   

The videos, released on her YouTube channel, invite viewers to immerse themselves in the traditional Irish folk that pulses through the veins of “Orainn”. With English/Irish translations and rich historical context, these videos bridge the gap between ancient and modern, igniting a newfound appreciation for Irish culture. 

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“Orainn” shattered barriers upon its Oct 26th, 2023 release, blending original compositions with traditional Irish folk in a way that only Magner Hurley can achieve. Her melodies weave a spellbinding journey, drawing listeners into a world of intricate harmonies and soul-piercing passion. As she raises her voice for those struggling with stuttering, Magner Hurley’s music is reaching far beyond the confines of the music industry, making an impact in The White House itself. Leading the charge for Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland (SAMWI), Magner Hurley has used her platform to shed light on a cause close to her heart. Working alongside the organisation since its inception in 2019, her music has become a powerful force for change, garnering support and recognition from the likes of Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley-Dillion.   

“Orainn” is more than just an album, it’s a movement. With bold interpretations and seamless blends of jazz and classical influences, Magner Hurley has created a masterpiece that breaks conformity and delivers a rallying cry for stuttering awareness. Experience her revolutionary sound and join the movement by checking out Stuttering Awareness Mental Wellbeing Ireland today.