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MGMT release bizarre new video

MGMT have this week shared a bizarre new video to mark the release of their forthcoming fifth album, Little Dark Age, out on Columbia Records this Friday (February 9th).

The latest in a handful of singles to give fans a taste of the new record, following When You Die and Hand It OverMe & Michael sees Joey Frank and Randy Lee Maitland direct a characteristically bonkers video in which the band’s Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser embark on an abstract psychedelic quest when they find a track by a Filipino band called True Faith and decide to steal it (note: True Faith is a real group – however the song in the video is fictional). The video follows Andrew and Ben as they use the song to try and achieve stardom and success before they are eventually caught out and disgraced for their piracy – although they do experience a surprise happy ending at the video’s close.

The track itself is a typically 80s-influenced stomper with a mighty chorus and a sunny analog groove. Watch it below.


Finally, a slice of ROCK TRIVIA: The real True Faith have recorded their own version of Ako at si Michael, the song featured in the video. Watch it here.

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