Miller Roberts returns with stunning new single ‘Bad Habit’

Australian songstress Miller Roberts has been making her mark with her brand of graceful indie-pop, and her newest offering ‘Bad Habit’ is no exception. With floaty melodies and ambient textures, this intimate ballad softly swells into a folk-infused soundscape. Miller’s celestial voice is laced with emotion as she sings of heartbreak, once again perfecting her candid delivery.

Discussing her new release, Miller reveals: “‘Bad Habit’ is an ethereal, alternative folk song. Written after a break up and during a period of lockdown and isolation, this song is a response to the loneliness felt in being misunderstood but, in turn, the fear and trepidation of feeling deeply seen and understood by another person. This production around this track is intentionally simple and stripped back in an attempt to capture the honest and raw sincerity behind the song. Writing this song was a way for me to acknowledge and address the emotionally disengaged nature of my personal life in an effort to learn and grow. I am still on this journey, but I know I am growing along the way.”

Twenty-five year old Miller Roberts finds her inspiration in the likes of Justin Vernon, Sufjan Stevens, The Paper Kites and Lucy Rose. Collaborating with local producer Jackson Barclay, the two have created a beautiful blend of acoustic folk and alternative pop. Five years in the making, Miller’s searingly honest lyrics and angelic sound is putting her on the map as one of Australia’s most exciting new talents.