Molly Warburton Releases New Single “Gravity”

Indie pop as a genre opens the doors to many artists to explore their musical individuality and style, and with no one is that more true than with Molly Warburton. Paving a musical path of her own by pushing the boundaries of her genre, Molly Warburton’s new single, “Gravity,” is a statement. It’s a passionate work of art, putting together Molly’s strengths to create something new and fresh.

From the young age of ten, young Molly Warburton would already find herself enamored with the art of crafting music. Growing up in Lancashire, she’d begin honing her skill, studying music and joining several competitions to push herself forward. Eventually in her teens, she’d sign up for gigs to get a real taste of the musical lifestyle, and since then she’s never stopped pursuing her dreams.

Inspired by the ethereal sound and picturesque songwriting of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush and KT Tunstall, Molly has crafted her own unique musical style. Distinctly hers and instilled with her experiences and values, Molly’s music takes you through a musical journey, painting vast vistas and heartfelt stories for you to enjoy.

Her latest single, “Gravity,” is her latest refinement of her style, pushing a narrative and spicing it up with a dreamy sound. According to Molly herself, “Gravity” is a song about being out of touch with your inspirations, especially as a songwriter. Taking time for herself and recognizing what she’s achieved, she channels it creatively to make new art and rediscover her own love for music.

Any artist can tell you of the hardships and trials when it comes to pursuing musical ambition. It’s not easy trying to push yourself forward, especially in an industry that’s as driven and competitive as the music industry. Molly recognizes this, and wants young creatives to know that perseverance is key. She wants her music to inspire the next generation to never give up and keep pushing forward.

Molly herself has put herself through the wringer musically, so she speaks from a position of seasoned artist. Now, after all her hard work, she’s managed to break over one million streams on Spotify alone, gaining renown all throughout the music industry. She’s performed at venues like London’s Shepherd Bush Empire and the Manchester Ritz, and she’s not slowing down any time soon.

With her new single “Gravity,” Molly hopes to propel her music career further than ever before. It’s a point to push herself further to greater heights, and a motivator for her to keep trying no matter what. From what we’ve seen and what we know, we can tell you that Molly will definitely soar towards even greater success in the future.

–Jason Airy