Monique La Chapelle drops new album ‘The Hopeful Romantic’

Having refined her craft for many years, Monique La Chapelle began writing at the age of 9. It’s clear that Monique’s talents have been honed since childhood when you sift through the glittering album which is ‘The Hopeful Romantic’.

Speaking further about the album, she reveals the essence of the offering.

She says: “My personal experiences with love, the world around me, and my undying love for music. I want them to know they’re not alone in how they are feeling, and to find inspiration and comfort in my music.” 

Monique is more determined than ever to reach the top. She wants to play the biggest stages, festivals and venues in the world. Monique has dedicated 7 years to her academic development in music and has taught for 6 years. So, with her passion clearly being evident, she opened her music school – La Chapelle School of Music, which offers professional musical development for young children to professionals aiming to pursue an international career. We can’t wait to see where she’ll take her music endeavors.