Montreal-based artist Becca TG releases ‘If I Didn’t Have You’

Montreal-based artist Becca TG creates music inspired by a rich blend of influences. With her work encapsulating an irresistible combination of R&B, soul, pop and jazz, ‘If I Didn’t Have You‘ is a sentimental track stacked with feelings of hope and solace.

Filled with a chilled electric guitar, smooth beats and warm back vocals, listeners are guided through feelings of comfort, hope, tenderness and consolation. “It represents the many struggles of living through a global pandemic” Becca explains. “If I Didn’t Have You’ is a song valuing the special people in your life.”

Refining her vocal talent at just 12 years old with classical training and jazz voice studies in college, Becca combines these established musical formats with her own contemporary flair to create a sound that is unique but with a nod to the past.

Whether it’s playing with fellow talented musicians or writing personal, intimate narratives, this talented artist finds a way to communicate the serious, sentimental and silly with artful candour.