Moonroof deliver indie-pop goodness with ‘Bored and Numb’

Philadelphia has itself a new indie collective to be reckoned with, and they go by the name of Moonroof. This young and ambitious group have made themselves known quite quickly, with their soft and melancholic dosage of chilled, ambient pop. They create catchy songs that have certainly caught the attention of many so far, including having their cover of The 1975’s ‘Chocolate’ garnering huge Spotify acclaim. They have now followed this up with their vibrant new single ‘Bored and Numb’ and it could be their best yet.

It’s direct and straight to the point, and stripped down to the basics of acoustic guitar and drums to open the track, with the repeating line that will circle round your head ‘Every time I meet someone I’m over you’. This showcases the bands songwriting ability, as without any extra backing, the song is just brilliant on it’s own. You can already understand why they have shared a stage with the likes of The Lumineers and Death Cab for Cutie, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they went to heavier and higher climbs.