Movie Monroe unveils ‘A Light Through The Clouds’ EP

Movie Monroe is a US-based rapper, producer, singer, songwriter and engineer. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, he now resides in Las Vegas, NV, where, since his debut in 2021, he’s worked to garner an impressive following on streaming platforms.

Movie’s latest release is ‘A Light Through The Clouds’, a four-track EP that packs some of his recent singles into a cohesive listening package. From writing to production to mixing to mastering, Movie has led every stage of this project, creating soulful, laid-back feelings with warm vocal delivery.

Sleek sampling across the project sees the reimagining of Curtis Mayfield and Gil Scott-Heron tracks, giving each song a nostalgic vibe, brought into the 21st century with smooth 808s and bouncy percussion. Atmospheric and gleaming, it’s an easy listen with plenty of intricacy behind the top layer.

The artist adds, ”This EP was recorded in the first month of my daughter being born. It holds a special time, place and energy.”

‘A Light Through The Clouds’ is out now…