Multi-award-winning Australian singer-songwriter Natalie Gauci unleashes her new country anthem ‘How You Feel’

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Marking the third remarkable single in the growing build up to Natalie Gauci‘s debut album highly anticipated debut album ‘Brand New Day,’, ‘How You Feel,’ is a soulful country pop anthem that explores poignant narratives that draw on her real life experiences. This infectious new track follows on from successful widespread radio plays of her previous singles and reflects Natalie’s yearning for a trusting relationship while missing her family when she was living in London. ‘During my overseas travels, I missed my family and found it difficult to find a meaningful relationship with someone special. The best thing about travelling is knowing I had a loving family to come home to.’ Boasting inch perfect production and recording from the incessantly talented Andrew Beck at Damien Gerard Studios in Gosford, ‘How You Feel’ includes guest appearances by notable musicians Ashley Naylor (Even, Paul Kelly, The Church) on guitar and Evan Mannell (Missy Higgins) on drums. ‘When I wrote the verses, I had John Farnham’s ‘Chain Reaction’ in the back of my mind. We decided to go back in the studio to give the verses the same drum feel as ‘Chain Reaction’, where it’s a straight 4/4 drum beat with odd melodies over the top, which I feel tells the story of me looking for a trusting relationship and missing my family. Music takes me on so many different journeys and this song brings it all together.’ With such an organic and authentically rich feel, ‘How You Feel,’ further cements Natalie’s deserved place in the country scene and leaves audiences waiting with baited breath for the release of her new album – ‘Brand New Day’ is scheduled for release Friday 5th July.

Natalie Gauci is an award-winning artist and multifaceted producer whose journey through music is as captivating as her soulful voice. From her early days as a child actress to her time performing in musical theatre, Natalie’s passion for music has always been at the forefront of her life. Her professional music career began at age 17, performing in jazz bars with her band ESP before traveling nationally as a session and corporate singer. Natalie’s talent as a songwriter shone through as she released her first EP in America, however it was her victory on Australian Idol that catapulted Natalie into the spotlight, earning her Platinum and Gold designations for her album and single releases. International success followed, with chart-topping singles and albums in the UK, Sweden, Germany, and Denmark. Natalie toured extensively in the UK and Europe, gracing iconic venues like Ronnie Scott’s in London. Throughout her career, Natalie has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, from Lionel Ritchie to Danni Minogue. Beyond her success in the industry, Natalie is also a vocal coach and mother, dedicated to helping others find their voice and overcome adversity. Her upcoming album, ‘Brand New Day,’ is a testament to her resilience and determination, blending elements of country rock, soul, and pop to create a sound that is both raw and intimate. With each track, Natalie invites listeners into her world, sharing her powerful and inspirational story through her music, something which has proved increasingly fruitful; this year alone her single ‘Fame’ has landed #1 on the global Play MPE charts, and ‘I Thought It Was You’ has sustained it’s second week at #1 on The Big Aussie Breakfast Chart and 12 weeks on the Top 10. As she prepares for the release of her debut album and launch at Birds Basement with her incredible band, Natalie’s mission remains clear: to bring joy, breakthroughs, and uplifted spirits to her listeners. Natalie Gauci is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of music.

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