Music Crowns premieres singer, songwriter Diane Arkenstone’s languid new single ‘Cool Waters of Life’

Diane Arkenstone, a pioneering musical force in the contemporary instrumental genre as well as a singer songwriter with a captivating voice, is set to release a carefully curated collection of ten songs, both instrumental and with vocals, that have an ecological, earth-first purposefulness at the root of their inspiration. On Cool Waters of Life, the first of two compilations to be released this year, Diane finds inspiration from a variety of sources on these tracks– from working with Grammy-nominated producers such as Derek Nakamoto on the track ‘Walking On Water’ (he’s worked with everyone from Keiko Matsui to Whitney Houston to Teddy Pendergrass), and composer/producer Mader on the new, never-before-released original title track (he’s known for his original score to several Ang Lee films). The track ‘Expansions’ was written when she lived in a house off a dirt road between the Hopi and Ute nations. The album is a sublimely cohesive listening experience that maintains an important theme and an uplifting mood while incorporating works from her rich and long career that spans over three decades. Cool Waters of Life will be released digitally and on CD via Arkenstone’s self-owned Neo Pacifica Recordings today, August 5.

She notes on the title track: “We enter this life from a watery world, yet after we take our first breath, our dependence on water never ends. I wrote ‘Cool Waters of Life’ as a thank you for the precious gift of water, and all the life and beauty it brings to our planet. May it never cease.”

On the idea for the new compilations, she adds: “Nature, love and the Earth, are the inspirations for these compilations. They each represent life in its most magnificent form without ego.”

Track List
1.  Trees and Rivers
2.  Cool Waters of Life
3.  Beautiful Bones
4.  Expansion
5.  Walking on Water
6.  Stars Above Spain
7.  Night Jasmine
8.  Joy of Life
9.  Parallel Time
10. Mountains Rising

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For well over 20 years, musician Diane Arkenstone has gained worldwide acclaim with her extensive repertoire of distinctive instrumental recordings which garnered much success within the ambient, health and wellness circles.  Diane has incredible success with Neo Pacifica, the independent label she launched with David Arkenstone in the late 90’s. Yet at heart, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist–who recalls penning her first song at age three, four years before she first picked up an acoustic guitar—has always been a soulful storyteller, passionate and artful at weaving emotions through a perfect blend of graceful melodies and poetic words.

Diane’s success in the realms of Celtic, global and Native American music is unparalleled, both as a recording artist and label/owner entrepreneur. Having seen the challenges her then-husband and frequent musical partner David Arkenstone was having with the big labels he had signed with, Diane—without any formal business training—launched Neo Pacifica Recordings and her publishing company Mulamu Music, with the simple goal of releasing their own music.

She has never let the lines of genre stop her from exploring the depths of music and where it can take her.