Narayan enlists Harley Bird for stunning single ‘Show Me The Way’

Based in India, young talent Narayan has already managed to start building himself as a promising name to follow within the scene, though only starting to release last year. He kicked things off with “My Life Is Going On” alongside Faithroze, and truly came into his own as an artist with two collaborations with Greek talent John Dakolias. Now, he is coming to Simplify Recordings to share “Show Me The Way” alongside Harley Bird.

Harley Bird is one of the most acclaimed vocalists within the dance music world, having amassed tens of millions of digital streams with his collaborations alongside the likes of Cadmium, Rival, Culture Code, Coopex and many more. Narayan perfectly compliments his stunning voice with the instrumental on “Show Me The Way,” that is filled with heavenly melodies and expert sound design. Both artists perfectly combine their skills on the single, and we can’t wait to see them work together again in the future.