Nashville Songwriter, Brenda Cay Releases New Music Video For ‘This Ain’t That’

Rising superstar, Brenda Cay, brings contagious country vibes with her latest single and music video ‘This Ain’t That,’ where she makes the audience dive into an unforgettable romantic experience.

Cay’s latest single, ‘This Ain’t That,’ is an incredible country tune that will make the audience dance and sing along, while reminiscing their own romantic experiences. You can listen and watch it here. 

‘This Ain’t That’ takes listeners through another journey of present love that feels almost too good to be real. Starting with upbeat country energy, the song sets a happy and contagious romantic atmosphere for the story being portrayed. Moreover, catchy guitars are paired with the thoughtful, entertaining lyrics that fans have come to expect from Cay as she sings about how past relationships always went by fast and ended in nothing, but this one is different. Something as temporary as a “one night stand” stretches out into the future, turning into something comfortable and familiar like coffee and holding hands. Her ability to craft a compelling and honest narrative is impressive, and that prowess shines as brightly as ever in this track, where Brenda does a great job conveying dreamy and romantic feelings with her voice, as she sings in a smooth tone, almost as if she was daydreaming about the situation. Brenda Cay’s ‘This Ain’t That’ is a classic country get down for the ladies and, without a doubt, is another great addition to Cay’s discography. 

The music video provides a great visualization of the song’s lyrics while also showing Cay and the band performing the track. Viewers see a couple having coffee together and holding hands, representing the new, long-lasting romance. This video makes you feel nostalgic for that one special romance you experienced in your life when everything felt new and exciting.

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