Navigating the conflict of creativity and the daily grind; STREAMER ‘Possessify’

STREAMER, a trio comprising Tom, Jez, and Freddie, is gaining recognition with their latest musical odyssey, ‘Possessify’, blending indie, rock, and EDM/trance genres, preparing for further growth. They invite listeners to embark on a journey with the conflict of being creative and losing ourselves to the daily grind.

‘Possessify’ is a poignant reflection showcasing STREAMER’s desire to escape to ‘Feel Free, Fly High, don’t get so ‘Possessified’ is explored with introspective lyricism while delving into the complexities of human experience, weaving a tapestry of emotion and introspection.

The indie-trance band blends vocals, guitar, and riffs with dance and trance electronica, creating a fresh soundscape suitable for all genres and ages. With a selection of songs that are both intensely personal and incredibly relatable to everyone, STREAMER demonstrates their versatility as a songwriter and musician.