New Zealand Artist Releases New Single

New Zealand singer-songwriter BRIAN BAKER is celebrating the release of his latest single, “OUR FREEDOM”, produced and recorded at his Kaipara-based studio facility. “OUR FREEDOM” is a song inspired by the right to protest. It sees a woman at a protest, then in court and finally in a supermarket, where she is free to choose, all laid over the bed of a killer beat and great guitar work.


Speaking on the track, Baker says “ The word “Freedom “ seems to be being used a lot these days and for those of us lucky enough to live in a democracy, we have the right to protest and to vote. It’s my opinion that we have always been and always are, at some level, free. This song not only observes and highlights that but also offers a solution to those who would question our freedom. That solution is the power of the consumer’s dollar. If enough of the buying public don’t purchase a product then whatever corporation or business that supplies it will find it non profitable and cease to create it. The true power is not in the hands of the corporations but resides with the consumer. The individual influences the collective.”

Along with the single release, Brian has released a music video for “OUR FREEDOM”. “We shot the video at home using an old projector. Made a loop of some corporate footage and stood in front of it,” explains Baker. “Really liked the way it looked on the guitar so had to go back many times to redo that bit and get it in the right place. And it’s summer here so had to wait until the darkness of night would allow the old projector to do it’s stuff.” “OUR FREEDOM” is currently streaming across all DSPs, listen to it now on Spotify or watch the video below.

The consummate journeyman musician is also a laid-back bohemian life-styler, living off-the-grid on his permaculture farm in the picturesque heart of the Kaipara. It’s a busy combination, as Baker balances life between running the farm with using his considerable musical talents recording and producing his own music, plus other artists in his production studio, ‘The Bakery’.

A naturally gifted musician, Baker can lay claim to a catalogue of songs sure to warm the musical soul of any audience member. Now he’s made a return to performing live in support of it. He’s created a fantastic live show highlighting his uplifting vocals and amazing guitar skills, so keep a look out for his tour dates and make sure you check out this talented guitarist/singer songwriter.

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