Newcomer Alex Eydt Releases Debut Single ‘The Vertigo’

Alex Eydt is a new musical phenomenon from Ireland. He describes himself as ‘chameleon’ in his approach towards writing and producing his music, taking on the form of whatever the song is needing at the time. The young newcomer introduces himself with debut single ‘The Vertigo’, released today.

This particular track is influenced by the likes of Gorillaz, led by Damon Albarn, who also has managed to take on multiple forms in his career. You can see the correlation. ‘The Vertigo’ is one of a number of singles due to drop before Alex’s Debut album comes out, at some point in early 2024. Somewhat of an ambitious move for someone who hasn’t released music, but that’s the nature of Eydt’s character. Musically or otherwise, he’s on a mission to change the landscape of the industry one song at a time. ‘The Vertigo’ is our first taste of this.

On the release, Eydt mentions”

“I like it for how easy it is, it’s not trying to be a great song but it ended up being one of my favorites from the album. People I showed it to kept referencing Moby and Gary Numan which was interesting because I wasn’t all that familiar with them, but clearly their style bled into it somehow.”

‘The Vertigo’ is out now across all digital streaming platforms. You can listen below on Spotify. Make sure to check out Alex’s socials so you can follow his jouney as he readies himself for a big 2024.