Nia Is Mesmerising In Recent EP Release ‘FreeFall’

Nia’s debut EP, “Freefall,” is a mesmerising journey into the realms of Bulgarian Neo-Soul and Jazz, showcasing the immense talent of this rising star. Renowned for her work touring the world with global icons such as Burna Boy, Emily Sandé, and Jamala, Nia steps into the spotlight with a unique blend of alternative R&B that captivates from start to finish.

From the moment the EP begins, listeners are enveloped in a sonic tapestry woven with piano, strings, tight drums, and bass, all adorned with atmospheric electronics. Nia’s elegant and silky vocals glide effortlessly above the instrumentation, serving as a hypnotic centerpiece around which the music dances. 

The lead single, “Belong,” is a poignant exploration of love’s complexities, as Nia reflects on the beauty and pain of past relationships. With a reliable piano obstinato and grooving drums, Nia has crafted a stunning soundscape that her vocals sail effortlessly over. As the song progresses, layers of sound intertwine, echoing the journey of letting go and moving forward. On the track, Nia says, 

“Writing Belong was an explosion of emotions. It is a mixture of reminiscing about a past love filled with beautiful memories but at the same time very destructive and hard to move forward from.”

Throughout the EP, Nia takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. Each track is a testament to her personal and musical growth, with steady grooves and warm strings creating diverse soundscapes that reflect the raw ups and downs of life’s challenges. The tender sonic landscapes of each track feel as if she’s letting us into her world, and it’s a mesmerising world to be in. On the full EP Nia explains, 

“In the past year, I wrote this music, creating my own personal sacred place, that’s now ready to be seen. Making this music gave me so much more than I intended and if I can make people ‘feel’ while listening to it, I’d be immensely happy.’’

“Freefall” is not just a debut EP; it’s a statement of artistic vision and emotional depth, inviting listeners to join Nia on her journey of self-expression and discovery.