Nicki Wells releases winter-wonderland single ‘A Little Christmas of My Own’

Glowing piano opens Nicki Wells’ seasonal offering ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’, accompanied by her nostalgic vocal which lends character from Joni Mitchel as well as maintaining a soul of its own. Nicki’s writing comes to the fore in this reflective ballad which is in no way twee or on the nose. Gorgeous production and heartfelt sentiment stand strong amongst the choir.

Much like Nicki Wells’ recently released single ‘Carry On’, the British songwriter takes to the piano on which she first learned to play as a child to add a rich and inviting timbre to this steadily paced acoustic number. As the title, ‘A Little Christmas of My Own’, suggests this song is about how festive times aren’t a celebration full of family and friends for all, as Wells explains below.

“It’s a bittersweet song about Christmas because for some, it can be a lonely time, not everyone has a family to go to. But by the end there is a sweet acceptance of a quiet and calm Christmas.”

Watch the video to Nicki Wells’ ‘A Little Christmas Of My Own’ below: