nightswimX make impressive debut with a cover of ‘Day ’N’ Night’

An anonymous duo based out of Los Angeles, nightswimX just shared their debut single, and are already looking like one of the most exciting names to follow within dance music. Operating within the genre of thrill house, nightswimX’s music creates a mysterious and dark atmosphere, that encapsulates elements from thrill, horror, and pop to invoke newfound feelings and vibes in the listener.

Taking on Kid Cudi’s 2009 classic “Day ’N’ Night,” nightswimX showcase their immense potential in a stunning way with their debut single, out now via Trap Nation’s imprint Lowly. “Day ’N’ Night” kicks off with an attention-grabbing atmosphere filled with ambient pads and heavenly arpeggios, before transitioning into a dancefloor-ready and ever-evolving house sequence. The accompanying vocals are undoubtedly a huge factor in the song’s appeal, as they nicely pay homage to the original while fitting on top of the instrumental like a glove.