Niilas Releases Ethereal Album ‘River Of Noise’

Norwegian producer and composer Niilas, known as Peder Niilas Tårnesvik, just unleashed his highly anticipated album, ‘River Of Noise’ to the world. This eclectic and experimental work marks a new chapter in the young artist’s career, following the success of his debut album, ‘Also This Will Change‘. With a track record that includes accolades, millions of plays, and praise from notable publications, Niilas continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with a fusion of folk and electronic textures.

Hailing from the Norwegian city of Bergen, Niilas’s music pays homage to his indigenous Sámi heritage and Arctic aesthetics. In ‘River Of Noise,’ he skillfully combines folk instruments with electronic textures, offering a unique take on club music. Inspired by artists like Røyksopp, Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, Burial, and Floating Points, Niilas’s sound transcends genres, effortlessly navigating the realms of techno, house, ambient, and sound design.

His soundscapes shimmer and pulse with an otherworldly yet primal quality, showcasing his versatility and mastery of diverse musical elements. Recent collaborations with folk musicians from Norway and Iran have expanded the horizons of electronic music, adding depth and dimension to his sonic creations.

Niilas’s latest release, ‘River Of Noise’ takes listeners on a journey through mind-bending soundscapes and melodies. The album is a testament to his experimental and emotive sound design, featuring a wide range of styles, from intergalactic breakbeat to drum and bass rhythms.

What makes ‘River Of Noise’ stand out is its unique combination of synthetic elements and organic recordings. The album incorporates sounds from a Norwegian Harding-fiddle and an Iranian Santoor, adding a layer of authenticity to the music. The tracks on the album vary from slow and haunting to aggressive and hard-hitting, offering a mesmerizing and unpredictable listening experience.

In Niilas’s own words, “I’ve tried to completely let go of my own expectations, and rather try to let the immense changes that the world is going through impact my creative direction. Sort of letting the music river run through me. ‘River Of Noise’ has both conventional club tracks and some really interesting collaborations with folk musicians from both Norway (with the Harding-fiddle) and Iran (Santoor).

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