Nilka Explores the Depth of Sacrificial Love on ‘Poured Out’

Conveying warmth and encouragement, Nilka’s fluid vocals glide with candid ease on her dreamy soul-pop single, “Poured Out.”

Singer-songwriter Nilka allows listeners a glimpse into her relationship on her newest release ‘Poured Out,’ slated for release on the 1st of July. Inspired by her relationship with her husband, ‘Poured Out’ is a dream-pop ballad that encourages continual emotional support and sacrificial love. She explains that as a paramedic, her husband must take on an incredible amount of stress and is able to thrive in the environment. Nevertheless, at a point when he was working full-time and trying to complete a Bachelor’s degree, it was once too much for him. “Without telling me how overwhelmed he was, he stopped submitting any work for the class until he failed it and went into his own self-shaming bubble,” she says. The subjugation of his own internal shame manifested itself into an outward expression of anger and judgment, Nilka explains. “It was so unlike him, but he didn’t know how else to communicate his shame and feelings because he rarely would get that stressed out.” A learning experience for both parties, Nilka found that the situation only reminded her “how human [her] husband is.” Using that as the basis for ‘Poured Out,’ she sings, “I know your heart’s a little shaken, and now you feel like no one understands it. But if you’ll trust in me I’m here to listen. I won’t let you go, no, you don’t have to face this on your own.”