Noel Gallagher performs new track 'She Taught Me How To Fly’ on Later... With Jools Holland

Noel Gallagher performs new track ‘She Taught Me How To Fly’ on Later… With Jools Holland

Noel Gallagher made an appearance on the Halloween episode of Later… With Jools Holland alongside Dua Lipa and Superorganism.

The former Oasis guitarist played his new track ‘She Taught Me How To Fly‘ from his upcoming album Who Built The Moon?. The singer-songwriter also played his single ‘Holy Mountain‘. Check out the performances below.

Dua Lipa and Superorganism also performed on the BBC show’s Halloween special. Dua Lipa played her hit song ‘New Rules‘, while the newcomers played ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D‘.

Speaking about his fans reactions to his recent single ‘Holy Mountain‘ which has has had a divided reacton, Gallagher said: “I’ve got to say that was the intention. Half are saying, ‘This is f***ing s**t. This can’t be the guy who wrote ‘Live Forever’ and the other half are saying ‘This is f***ing amazing’ and that’s not a place I’ve ever been.

“[Fans expect] the strumming of the guitar and the melancholy songs of lost love or lost youth, but with a hopeful chorus. But that’s not where I am now.

“I know that’s what people want, but f**k what they want.

Who Built The Moon? is scheduled for release on the 24th of November.

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