Nova Junction shares stunning debut single ‘Down for Your Love’

Coming all the way from New Orleans, Nova Junction (AKA Harold Rosenberg) is a multi-talented and determined musician ready to leave his mark within the electronic/indie rock scene. Boasting guitar-heavy tunes with explosive solos and riffs, yet a distinct indie-pop sensibility, Nova Junction brings elegance and groove and after his debut single, Rosenberg’s trajectory couldn’t be more promising.

Nova Junction’s debut single has just arrived via independent release in the form of “Down for Your Love,” a truly infectious gem that perfectly showcases the artist’s immense skill sets as a musician. Featuring musician William Bradley Brooks, “Down for Your Love” is a 4-minute long sonic journey that starts off with lush guitar chords, organic percussion, and infectious vocal lines, before exploding into a sultry chorus filled with analog synth stabs and massive drum hits.

“When this song was taking shape, I felt the sultry guitar and psychedelic sound combined to make way for some sort of a love story. When “Bill” William Brooks came in and we started working on vocal structure and lyrics, we both decided it would take on an unlikely love narrative about that urge most everyone gets when they have a “fling” or one night stand with someone that really isn’t meant to last.” – Nova Junction