NT Beats brought us an international Hip-Hop collaboration, Macedonian and American Rappers on a track

The rapper Vukac MC from Macedonia, now living in the United States, makes a comeback.

After ten years, he releases a new Hip Hop track with a SamGotDI a Rapper from the Bronx.

Vukac MC:
“I asked for help from none other than NT Beats to produce the beat and create that exquisite vibe for my new song. I know that he is one of the greatest producers, so I knew this would be a fire track! So we made the song ‘I Step On The Gas‘. NT also got the rapper SamGotDI, from NYC / Bronx, to be on the song. In the New York City area, he is well known for his Latin hit rap song OLE’ OLE’ OLE’ under the artist name EL GRAN MATADOR. And he also worked on plenty of projects with the musical group ‘Fulanito’ together with his Latin Grammy winner and Latin Billboard charted cousin Winston De La Rosa. So when we finished the project, I knew that this would be a HIT!”

The song has a superb trap sound, dark-sharp vibes, a powerful hook, and punchy verses, explained the producer and composer Nikola Tefov (NT Beats). It has a tremendous imaginary story of how Vukac MC is this tough gangster that’s chased by the police, and he manages to get away.

The song is out now, and you can find it on almost all platforms. Music-Video and Lyrics video will be coming soon. Let us know what you guys think of the song ‘I Step On The Gas‘.