Ohio Indie-Rocker FAYE is back with her new single ‘As I Am’

‘As I Am’ gives an insight into the rockier side of FAYE’s repertoire, offering up a pop-punk influenced number with heaps of energy and angst. Using her music as a source of recovery from her personal trauma, FAYE hopes that her music and story will inspire others and help them to cope with their personal struggles.

Speaking on the new single ‘FAYE’ said: “As I Am is a song about being an outsider and how it’s more fulfilling to be your authentic self than be fake just to gain validation from others.”    

Bringing together crunchy guitar tones, driving drums and subtle bass under FAYE’s stylistic breathy vocals, ‘As I Am’ perfectly balances between out and out rock with indie-pop by retaining catchy vocal lines and relatable lyrics over it’s distorted instrumentation.

FAYE draws deep inspiration from the abuse she faced being the victim of a parent. Having escaped from that environment, FAYE is now left with scars that have since manifested into songs. She credits music for keeping her sane.

Having written over 100 original songs, taught herself guitar, won numerous talent competitions, created her own band and become an avid music business entrepreneur. FAYE embraces the influences from a range of genres such as Nirvana, Chris Cornell, Halsey, Pearl Jam and Taylor Swift giving her music it’s own sound. Now working with award winning Canadian producer Rob Wells, ‘As I Am’ is the first of a number of releases due in 2021.