OLI Releases Heartwarming New Ballad ‘Float’

OLI’s new track ‘Float’ is a heartwarming ballad from the London based singer-songwriter that pairs lush acoustic soundscapes with her own incredibly rich vocal performance that takes the centre stage. Accompanied by a dreamlike music video of summer days and mystical nights, this is OLI’s first release since her duet with Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan.

Led by the intense presses of a melancholic piano, ‘Float’ is kept simple, with OLI guiding the music forward with her own soothing voice. Featuring lyrics that swell with emotion on lines like “If I could float up I would see it all how I know I should”, the track focuses on how small we are, with themes of wonder and space, but also a sense of positivity and satisfaction.

“I think it’s something many people imagine. We are pretty small in the grand scheme of things so it’s easy to feel existential from time to time. I just wanted the song to paint that emotion in a more positive way. I personally take a lot of comfort in knowing how much there is out there.” Explains the rising artist, evolving her graceful sound to release some of the warmest tracks in recent years.